The 10 Most Famous Psychics

Famous Psychics

The ten most famous psychics that changed the course of history’s past, present, and future

Though there are many famous psychics in fiction and classical literature such as the Oracle of Delphi, Professor X and Jean Grey of the X-Men, or Matilda Wormwood, there certainly are several self-professed psychics that made their respective marks in history through psychic readings and predictions that became real, or became an epic flop.

Daniel Dunglas Home

Home (pronounced as ‘hume’) was a Scottish medium famous for allegedly having the ability to levitate to a variety of heights, speak with the deceased, and create rapping and knocking sounds in houses at his will. Escapist Harry Houdini described Home as “one of the most conspicuous and lauded of his type and generation” – a rather rare praise from someone who spent a life debunking psychics and mediums.

Uri Geller

Geller is a British-Israeli psychic who likes to be labeled as a ‘mystifier’ and entertainer instead. He claims to have gained paranormal abilities such as psychokinesis, dowsing, and telepathy given by extraterrestrials. But he was soon accused as a fraud by this man —

James Randi

Randi has been notorious when it comes to debunking paranormal claims and science. He has challenged the claims of the likes of Uri Geller and Sylvia Browne as being psychics. Despite being a skeptic, some people believe that Randi himself is a psychic despite his headstrong skepticism. He is said to can bend 40 spoons with a single thought, and he is also said to read thoughts.

Sylvia Browne

Browne is a psychic and medium that claims she knows what it’s like to be in heaven. She claims that in heaven, there is a constant 78°F temperature, and there are no insects there. Pets can be there too, and one can build a house anywhere unless it obscures the views of rivers and trees. Browne has been known to give faulty psychic claims such as Bill Bradley winning president, cure of breast cancer, the hiding in caves of Bin Laden and Hussein, and a guilty verdict on MJ’s child molestation trial of 2005.

Nina Kulagina

Kulagina is a Russian psychic who claimed to have the ability of psychokinesis or the ability to move objects with her mind. She was said to be subjected to study by the USSR during the Cold War. Claims were proclaimed that she can also stop frogs’ hearts, separate egg yolks from egg whites, and affect humans’ heart rates without any physical intervention.

Edward Cayce

Cayce is famous for giving psychic readings when in a seemingly sleeping state or hypnotic trance. He was often regarded as a prophet (because of his strong Christian association). His psychic readings would often include information about past lives, business advice, dream interpretations, and spiritual health.  Cayce claimed that whenever he snapped out of his trance state, he would not remember anything he could have said during the reading.

Cayce is also known to speak of the existence of Atlantis during his trance psychic readings.

Ingo Swann

Sawnn is best known for his research about the discipline called remote viewing or the act of seeking impressions of distant or unseen objects using extrasensory perception. He allegedly viewed the rings of Jupiter, and also had a career as a psychic detective (he only successfully solved 3 cases, out of 25).

Baba Vanga

Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, or Baba Vanga, was a blind clairvoyant psychic who resided in Belgium. As a young girl, she got lost through a storm and pushed her deep into an abandoned field that filled her eyes with dust and sand which cost her sight. But her lost eyesight soon turned to be a gift – her eyes was said to give her the ability to see “invisible creatures” that told her various happenings in the past, present, and future even on distant places. Her talents attracted many followers during World War II, often consulted by people who wants to know the condition of a loved one serving in the war.

Baba Vanga was said to predict the break up of the Soviet Union, the date of Joseph Stalin, the nuclear incident in Chernobyl, Boris Yeltsin’s electoral victory, Vaselin Topalov’s victory in the chess tournament, and the 9/11 attacks of the Twin Towers in New York City. Vanga was also a renowned herbal healer.

Jeanne Dixon

Jeanne Dixon is one of the best-known psychics and astrologers of the 20th Century who published numerous astrological readings in newspapers and well-publicized predictions. Dixon has reportedly predicted the assassination of then President John F. Kennedy. She wrote in an issue of Parade Magazine that the winner of the 1960 presidential election would be “dominated by labor and won by a Democrat who” who would later “die in office.”

However, Jeanne Dixon did not become famous because of the accuracy of her premonition, but rather than the defects in her premonition such as the victory of Nixon in that said election and the domination of labor during the election. The term “Jeanne Dixon effect” is applied to a phenomenon where the media tends to exaggerate correct predictions of psychics but overlooking some crucial facts about it.


Arguably the most famous psychic of all time. Born Michel de Nostredame, he was a French apothecary (a medicine maker, or a pharmacist back in the day) who also was a reputed seer who published collections of prophetic quatrains that have since shook the world which could be the result of numerous opinionated and often misleading misinterpretations.

Some people claimed that his ability was from evil or insanity, but many still believed that his writing was highly spiritual. Though his prophecies remain unproven up to this day, some of his alleged prophecies that made an indelible mark in world history includes the Great Fire of London, the rise and fall of Napoleon and Adolf Hitler, both World Wars, nuclear attacks on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Apollo moon landings, the death of Princess Diana of Wales, and the 9/11 attacks.

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